Driving on our Beaches is prohibited! The DNR will cite anyone driving on the beach off the State Park Land.  Please be respectful of property owners and preserve the integrity of our beaches by not driving on the beach.  

Reminder: legal Firework dates and times. 
11am on 12/31 to 1am 01/01;
11am to 11:45pm on the Sat and Sun immediately preceding Memorial Day;
11am to 11:45pm on June 29,30th,July 1,2,3 and 4:
11am to 11:45pm on July 5, if that date is a Fri or Sat; and
11am to 11:45pm on the Sat and Sun immediately preceding Labor Day.

New Voter ID Cards were sent to all voters to officially change the location of your poling place to the new Norwood Township Hall at 00640 Lake Shore Drive.
Norwood Road is being repaved this Summer to 28 feet wide by the County using County Road Millage money.  In addition, they will repave a section of Gennett road. During the repaving of US-31 MDOT will include about 150 ft of Witmere and Heise roads and 105 ft on Norwood Road.

Household Trash Pickup At the Board of Trustees meeting April 19, 2021,  the biennial trash pickup was discussed.  It has gotten extremely expensive and this year, with multiple roads under construction, efficiency of collection will impacted. The board decided NOT to contract for it this year. Stay tuned as we may be able to do it this Fall.